Unlucky Charm




Sam Crowe has always had the worst of luck, but in his ever optimistic view of the world, heads to Boston to pursue a life-long dream. Aaron Bazil has been pretty lucky with his career, but with it came a cynical view of the world. Together, they change each other for the better and for worse. A musical audio drama in collaboration with Hail & Well Met



Written & Directed by Elijah Gabriel & Vincent King
Sound Designer & Audio Engineer- Mike Nye
Main Composer & Music Director - Josh Elwood Walters
Additional Composers - Mike Nye, Arizona Johnson, Emily Summers & Johan Danno
Lyricists - Kyle Gould, Arizona Johnson, Emily Summers, Mike Nye, Bernadette Nye, Nikki Atkins & Johan Danno
Lead Singers - Jacob Patrick & Michael A. Zekas
Additional Singers - Lindsay Zana, Stefanie Howerton, Kyle Gould, Johan Danno, Miriam Groot, Nikki Atkins, Micheal & Bernadette Nye, Tarren Merlo, Elijah Gabriel & Vincent King
Produced by Hail and Well Met with support from Kyle Gould
Artwork by Keely D