The Insomnia Project


season 1 - airing

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The Insomnia Project follows several human test subjects of a new research trial that’s trying to eliminate the need for sleep. Things go… poorly. Coming soon to your ears. Sleep tight.



Written, Directed, and Produced by Kaitlyn Kliman
Edited by Elijah Gabriel
Sound Designer & Audio Engineer - Alexandra Whitley (Episode 1), Adam Blanford (Episode 2 +)
Artwork by Kristina Manente


Eliza - Jaqui Kershenbaum
Jessica - Allison Brandt
Martin - Elijah Gabriel
Dr. Baker - Lindsey Zana
Dr. Montgomery - Dave Morgan
Sam - Graham Rowat
Helen - Tara Santora
Bill - John Patneaude
Tessa - Molly Lankford
Jenn - Charlotte Norup
Jason - Peter Nishimura
Victor - Matti Mali
Hector - Stewart Moyer
Lea - Angela Tran
Matt - Jacob Wilson
Mark - Richard Dresden
Hank - Kyle Gould
Iolia - S.H. Cooper



The Insomnia Project is recruiting test subjects!  

episode 1: the packet

Test subjects Eliza, Jason, Jessica, and Martin come into Gonsanto Industries for baseline testing and "the treatment".

minisode i: bill

Working a dead end job with the most obnoxious boss ever? Dating life not quite where you would like? Consider signing up for the Insomnia Project! We know all you're doing is playing Overwatch anyway...

minisode ii: jessica

Need more money for "school supplies?" Has that meanie parent of yours cut you out of using the credit card? Consider signing up to participate in the Insomnia Project!

minisode iii: martin

Are you tired of your exhausting coffee shop job, trying to please customers that never know what they want? Are you about to go on an old lady murdering spree? Sign up for the Insomnia Project today!