Season 1 - Pre-production


Rho doesn’t know who she is. Mental snippets of medical equipment, abilities that would fit neatly in the skills list of a hired assassin, and unpracticed telekinesis serve as hints, but they’re only minute pieces in the expansive jigsaw puzzle that is her mind. Despite finding a place for herself on board the Spectre, an Elara-Class transport vessel, Rho is hunted across space by a group of mercenaries who seem intent on Killing her. The question is: why?



Written, Directed, and Produced by Stefanie Howerton
Sound Designer & Audio Engineer-
Composer –


Rho: Stefanie Howerton
Edward Whitlaw: Jason Bell
Warren Lee: Tyler Inabinette
Dr. Karl Amos: Nick Spencer
Olympus: Aubryn Stevens
Lillian Dunne: Julie Adams
Atalanta Harris: Jennifer Trela
Garyn Beikirch: Matthew Jordan
Macie Vincent: Emily Willmore
Grape: Barrett Thomas
Dr. Cicely Bennett: Sydney Hooper