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Writing projects


Synopsis: When Jackie and Marcus are left in a disease-ridden dystopian U.S., they need to face the reality of their situation and figure out how to survive. Do they dare risk trying to leave, do they try to wait-it-out, or do they try to help find a cure to the Hollow Fever? (Apart of the Shorts Podcast Anthology)
Genre: Post-Apocalypse Adventure
Role: Writer & Editor
Production: Hail & Well Met
Runtime: 45 minutes


Synopsis: Join us today as we listen to Seraphina Winters & Damien Green tell you the simplest and easiest ways to join ‘The Temple Of ≈̶͙͍͕̜͓̳̠̰͎̒̓͌̏̐̕͘͝͝≅̵̛̗̝̈́̾̋̈́͑̽̽͛̈͜≈̴̧͓͕͓͇̱̈̌̇̇̍̾ͅ≅̴̪̇͒̑̃א̴͖̦̖͉̼͎̳͌͝” by performing all the relevant initiation rituals infront of the esteemed elder council. If you’re lucky (and are good at cleaning up blood) then you too could be purged. However if you’re unlucky, then you better make sure you’re prepared to become one with the void! The work for this audio presentation was taken from the 1982 78rpm album ‘Welcome To The Temple’ (Released By RCA Victor) in which two members of the temple attempt tell the listener what will be required to join the order. Strangely, the two presenters were never heard or seen again after this studio recording. Also an unusual audio phenomenon means that the name of their lord can never be clearly heard being spoken by them. This happened with all the vinyl pressings of this album and also continues to happen with any new future audio recording attempts.
Genre: Weird Fiction
Role: Writer & Editor
Production: Cornucopia Radio
Runtime: 19 minutes

voice acting

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