Season 1 - in-production


The story of the first Faster Than Light drive: A young girl by the name of Artemis. Captured by unsuspecting thieves, she learns about the universe she was created in.



Created by Alex Olsen
Written and Edited by Elijah Gabriel, Kvothe Harris & Adam Blanford
Directed by Kyle Gould
Sound Designer & Audio Engineer- Arthur Tisseront
Composer – Andrew Perdue


Artemis - Samantha Rose
Peter - Michael Grisso
Piper - Tara Santora
Watson - Dave Morgan
Ezekiel - Cameron Stevens
Alice - Karin Heimdahl
James - Tarran Merlo
Gatekeeper - Augie Peterson
Newscasters - Rebecca Pole, Seth Ferrell, John Patneude, Benjamin Bradley, Kaitlyn Kliman
Guard - Anthony Izzi
Triangulum Scientist - Alexa Toth
Officer - Justin Nelson